Found A Stray Cat?

If you have found a healthy cat you believe to be lost or stray follow these steps to find the owners.
Please note: Many cats are incorrectly thought to be stray when they have just wandered from home or are lost. An animal rescue shelter should only be contacted to take the cat as a last resort (unless the cat is injured or in danger).

1– Speak to all of your neighbours. Knock on all the doors in your street, the streets behind, 2 streets away etc. Cats can wander quite far
2– Take to vets to see if microchipped or contact us to bring our scanner round (the vet will not charge for this)
3– Put a paper collar on the cat with your telephone number and a message to call you
4– Put posters up
5– Post in your local lost pets facebook groups:
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6– If after exhausting all possible means to find the owner contact an animal shelter to put the cat on their waiting list.