Animals Available For Rehoming

*** Mummy & Son Needing A Home ***
Luna and Bubi are 2 sweet kitties needing a new home. They came to us as strays and Bubi was born outside so he is very shy of human contact and will need lots of play time to build his confidence.
Luna is 4 years old and Bubi is 6 months old, they are bonded and very close.
If you are an experienced cat owner and have a place in your home for Luna & Bubi please get in touch.
07722 928 345 /

*** Cute Lonely Bun bun ***
Rudi the 2 year old Dwarf Lop was found in a park. Extensive efforts to find his owner were unsuccessful.
He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and looking for a new home.
Perhaps you have a bunny needing some company? Rudi is an indoor rabbit who doesnt mind being stroked but he’s not very fond of being picked up. He’s protective of his pen and will often give a little grunt and a charge which is adorable!